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ECCC_STB_WLSD_A Systematic Approach for Variable Selection With Random Forests-Achieving Stable Variable Importance Values-EN-2017.pdf | 569.81 KB
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C:\JMS_V4.1\WF_Files\JMS\PaginatedPdf\R268\Correction_and_QC\LGRS-BEHNAMIAN-2745049\lgrs-behnamian-2745049-proof.dvi 1988 IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS, VOL. 14, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2017 A Systematic Approach for Variable Selection With Random Forests: Achieving Stable Variable Importance Values Amir Behnamian, Koreen Millard, Sarah N. Banks, Lori White, Murray Richardson, and Jon Pasher Abstrac
ECCC_STB_WSTD_Evaluating the potential of effluents from pulp and paper mills in Brazil, Canada, and New Zealand to affect fish reproduction - Estrogenic effects in fish.pdf | 655.34 KB
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Evaluating the potential of effluent extracts from pulp and paper mills in Canada, Brazil, and New Zealand to affect fish reproduction: Estrogenic effects in fish EVALUATINGTHE POTENTIALOF EFFLUENTEXTRACTS FROMPULPANDPAPERMILLS IN CANADA, BRAZIL, AND NEW ZEALAND TO AFFECT FISH REPRODUCTION: ESTROGENIC EFFECTS IN FISH RODRIGO ORREGO,*yz CRAIG B. MILESTONE,x L. MARK HEWITT,x JOHN GUCHARDI,z TATIANA HE
ECCC_STB_SRAD_Soil N2O-PR Emissions - Exploring Relationships Variables .pdf | 892.82 KB
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1 Soil nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils in Canada: 1 exploring relationships with soil, crop and climatic variables 2 3 THE LIST OF AUTHORSHIP NEEDS TO BE DETERMINED AT A LATER TIME 4 5 Philippe Rochette 1§ , Chang Liang 2* , Onil Bergeron 1 , David Pelster 3 , Marie-Eve Bernard 1 , 6 Reynald Lemke 4 , Roland Kroebel 5 , Douglas MacDona
ECCC_STB_WLSD_Environmental conditions and reproductive success.pdf | 1.55 MB
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Environmental conditions during winter predict age- and sex-specific differences in reproductive success of a trans-Saharan migratory bird 1SCientifiC REPORTS | (2017) 7:18082 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-18497-2 www.nature.com/scientificreports Environmental condition
ECCC_STB_ASTD_Associations between ambient PM2.5, O3, and NO2 and mortality in the Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC) over a 16-year follow-up.pdf | 445.62 KB
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Articles www.thelancet.com/planetary-health Vol 1 October 2017 e289 Urban greenness and mortality in Canada’s largest cities: a national cohort study Dan L Crouse, Lauren Pinault, Adele Balram, Perry Hystad, Paul A Peters, Hong Chen, Aaron van Donkelaar, Randall V Martin, Richard Ménard, Alain Robichaud, Paul J Villeneuve Summary Background Findings from published studies suggest that exposure to a
ECCC_STB_WLSD_Comparative assessment of genomic methods to characterize commercial microbial consortia.pdf | 954.16 KB
Last modified 2018/12/13 | PDF | ID 9246080
Comparative assessment of next-generation sequencing, denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, clonal restriction fragment length polymorphism and cloning-sequencing as methods for characterizing commercial microbial consortia n io m A.D. Samarajeewa ⁎, A. Hammad a Biological Assessment and Standard
ECCC_STB_WSTD_The relationship between organic loading and effects on fish reproduction for pulp mill effluents across Canada.pdf | 1.68 MB
Last modified 2018/12/13 | PDF | ID 9476984
es6b05572 1..9 The Relationship between Organic Loading and Effects on Fish Reproduction for Pulp Mill Effluents across Canada Pierre H. Martel,*,† Brian I. O’Connor,† Tibor G. Kovacs,† Michael R. van den Heuvel,‡ Joanne L. Parrott,§ Mark E. McMaster,§ Deborah L. MacLatchy,∥ Glen J. Van Der Kraak,⊥ and L. Mark Hewitt§ †FPInnovations, 570 boul. Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, QC Canada, H9R 3J9 ‡Canadian Riv
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